About planning a meeting with a woman in Russia or Ukraine – how to have a successful meeting.
In this page, we use our experience to help men with tips and advice to have a pleasant and productive meeting.
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Planning a Meeting with a Lady in Russia or Ukraine
How to be Well Prepared and to Share a Nice Meeting

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When looking for a life partner in Belarus, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine, the planning of a personal meeting with the lady is not only something exciting, but it is a crucial step in achieving your goal which is to share your life with a charming Russian or Ukrainian woman. It is possible to travel to these countries without any pre-booked meeting and to go to a marriage agency and ask the staff to schedule you a meeting with a lady who you will select either in their online profiles or in their printed catalog. However, the success rate of these meetings is rather low and the fact that you are dealing with an agency for who you don’t have any prior references increases the chances of getting ripped off, losing precious time and money.

Based on our experience, to increase the chances of success, we recommend to follow certain steps before you plan to meet a lady. You should first introduce yourself to some ladies by sending your letter of introduction and recent pictures. Evaluate the responses from those who are interested and wrote back to you and follow-up with the ladies you believe best match your criteria and vice-versa. Afterwards, you continue to exchange letters and develop relationships, and also make sure to ask them to meet you through an audio-video interface such as Skype. If everything continues to go in the right direction, it is then time to discuss and plan a meeting in person.

Of course, you can continue the exchange of letters, share meetings on Skype and continue to develop your relationship, but in the end, do not forget that to really see if there may be a real chemistry between you two , you need to meet you in person. The letters and audio-video meetings have their limitations. So we recommend that you do not maintain the virtual relationship longer than necessary and schedule a personal meeting with the lady sooner than later.

Before starting the process by which you will select the lady that meet your search criteria, and vice versa, and subsequently to begin corresponding with the lady, we recommend to establish the dates that you are available to travel and meet her in person. Ideally, your availability to go meet her in person should be within 2-3 months to 6 months of when you first introduced yourself to her. The reason is that you can develop this relationship in a meaningful way in the space of a few months. So if you tell her that you will be available to go to meet her only in the distant future, this could make her lose interest in the relationship that at this stage remains virtual.

Meeting with ladies from Belarus, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine
What to do and not to do – What to say and avoid saying

We believe it is not necessary to exchange letters and share Skype meetings for months to get to the point to decide whether a meeting in person should take place. Of course, traveling is not so simple, and needs to take in consideration the budget and availability. However and as mentioned above, if you establish when you can travel before developing a relationship, it will be easier to discuss the next step with the lady and arrange a meeting in person. It will also maintain her interest, knowing that in the near future, you will meet face to face.

Tips and advice to plan the meeting:

  • For sure, you should be well rested. It is not recommended to have a meeting after a long flight, especially if you arrive in the late afternoon. Better to lose an evening and meet the next day in good shape with bright eyes.

  • Don’t drink alcohol or if you do so, do it with moderation. Russian and Ukrainian women are definitely not looking for a man with a drinking problem. Here is an interesting article on the subject.

  • Do not forget to give her a present and of course, at this stage of the relationship, the thought is much greater than the value itself. For example, this may simply be a perfume purchased at the duty free shop of an airport during your trip. If she has young children, don’t forget them as well.

  • Please do not draw attention on your assets and material possessions. Surely, you can reassure her that you have a nice place to live, either you are owner or tenant, it does not matter, and that you have a good steady job. The important is that you keep developing on the kind of man you are and the type of woman you look for.

  • If she have not already done so, invite her to talk about herself and to feel free to ask you questions. In fact, you should have memorized a small list of important topics to be discussed during the first meeting and thus have a lot of material on which to reflect after the meeting, instead of thinking "I should have talked about this and that".

  • Although it is an important subject, don’t discuss about past relationships in the first meeting. Certainly you can tell her that you are alone for xx time and that you are free and able to marry. Naturally, she may probably do the same, if not, do not insist. That can wait for a next meeting.

  • This may seem superfluous but I’ll mention it anyway: in these regions, there are lots of very attractive women. Although it may be difficult to do, do not look at them when you are in her company.

  • Remember: this is not being a business meeting and it is normal to not go directly to the point. You can start the meeting by talking about different easy subjects such as temperature, etc. But also, remember that you are both in this meeting for a specific purpose. So, after some easy talk, do not hesitate to address important subjects: family, children, friends, career aspirations, sports, hobbies etc. And of course, these discussions must go in both directions.

  • Even if the lady insists on paying the bill or pay her share, pay the bill. Even if you must insist on a few occasions, pay the bill. In the West, it is not uncommon for couples to share the note but in Eastern Europe it is not so common and it is customary that you sometimes need to insist on paying the bill, so in the need: insist.

  • During the meeting, you will determine whether you wish to meet the lady again or not. You may already have a good idea of what she thinks about it herself, and maybe not. Regardless, if you want to meet again, do not hesitate to say it and do it with conviction.

Be ready to accept that the outcome of the meeting be good or not
What matters is that you both had an interesting and pleasant meeting

Unless you live near Russia or Ukraine, which is not the case for most of our customers, your trip will be expensive and take time. Certainly, you can plan to meet one lady only but there is nothing wrong to plan a few meetings. You simply increase your chances of meeting the right person. Certainly, Russia and Ukraine represent large territories and the number of meetings will depend on your budget and your availability. Note that you can select the ladies from the same city or nearby cities.

Dating Beautiful Women from Ukraine

Keep in mind that even if the lady likes you, this is perhaps not reciprocal and vice versa. Also, it happens that the two parties have pleasure in being together but only a friendly relationship can ensue, not a couple. If this is the case, you will be able to meet the owner of the matrimonial agency and she will be happy to offer you to meet another lady with whom you may well have much in common.



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